Something for you guys to check out.

So I came across this video which was linked to me by a friend. It features a modern American F-15 squadron do some dogfighting practice and formations while filming it but the video is pretty neatly put together. For me, best insight video I’ve seen of what flying a F-15 is like so why not share it with you guys :smiley:

Nice find! The old F-15 still makes me smile. :slight_smile:

very interesting video! Thank you Diego! :wink:

I’ve seen it in Aviano Air Show Italy in 1985, piloted by Lt. “Flash” Gordon…an alien plane against F104 or F4 or Jaguar…:p:p:p

For me, one of the best alltime plane…

The F-15 might be an old warhorse, but seeing that movie make me envy their job.
I would really have liked to see it without the music and with the comms alone :stuck_out_tongue: