Some skins

One of Czechoslovak pilot is inetresting in skin creation. Here the results of his work are.

Thanks Jirka, some beautiful skins there.

Btw, did your friend receive my email?

Thanks :slight_smile:


Triple1, it must be picture from Germany. Bacause here, in Czech, we are drinking directly from beer barrels. :roflmao:


All of a sudden i have an urge to attend one of those Beer festivals Triple1, what fantastic jugs!! :smiley: :w00t:

Wouw! That’s some very nice work!


Beer? Didn’t see any beer in the picture… :smiley:

ja those were great times when Beer was still pronounced [B[u]oo[/u]bs] wasn’t it :smiley:

errrr nice skins on that site really.

Mikke, believe me. Really there is something like beer. But I am afraid if girls on that picture can drink theirs doubles (1L glasses) completely.
BTW. How the beer looks in Sweden ?

Or go to and drag one of the videos to the VHS.

And sorry for helping to drag this totally off topic. :roflmao:

Like the skins on the site you posted, at least from the pictures. There’s even a 331 skin there, as well as other nice skins.

Well, the word skins got a hole new meaning to me :slight_smile:

Nice site

There are two Clostermann files with three 602 skins :slight_smile:

Cheers Jirka. Yep, that 602 skin looks nice. Clostermann’s story was one of my favourites, as a Frenchman flying in a Scottish squadron from an English airfield.