Some pics from the Technika museum in Berlin (56k warning)

Thor will correct me if I got the name wrong :wink:

While I was over in Germany, Thor, Paf and myself had a visit to this very large museum, just a snippet of the aircraft related pics I took (resized for web) …

IL2 nose section:

FW190 Cockpit:

Thor on the left, Paf on the right:

This thing that looks like a part from a central heating system, is actually the rocket engine for the ME163 Komet !

This is hung up outside on the platform, I quite liked the “artistic” second shot I got reflecting in the museum windows with the Berlin skyline …

The Enigma machine:

Very nice Majik, looks like it was fun. Is that an Fokker Eindecker first pic?

Nice Majik, you have some good pics that i dont have. For example the FW190 cockpit looks great. Mine is very blurry. I will add some pics later, which maybe of interest here.

Osprey, I think it is a vesion of the “Rumpler-Taube”

Nice pics Majik!

A swedish Storch, nice. :smiley:

And yes please Paf, we want more. :slight_smile:

ok some more. I also reduced resolution.

Heinkel -Scooter :slight_smile: :w00t:

Logo in detail

Horten Glider

Tante Ju


something familiar … from a in license build Sabre by FIAT

Jumo004 and Pratt & Whitney Type JT 3 C-7 jet engines

Late war Ground to Air missile


Lots of beer before taking that last pic I guess? :roflmao:

Very nice, thanks Paf!

some more,sorry that the pictures are sometimes abit blurry. On the little display they looked fine :slight_smile:

some Trainers:

I think this is a Siebel, but im not sure anymore :confused:

Ok, Engines:

should be known

DB 605




early DB engine

ty for sharing those great Pics:):):slight_smile:

Thanks for the additions Paf :slight_smile:
I took around 200 pics in while visiting, nearly 100 at the museum :eek:
If you want the full size cockpit ones I can mail them to you.
I don’t bother with the manual settings, too much for me to deal with, stick it on auto and snap away is my method :roflmao:
I thought Mikke might appreciate the Storch :wink:
Have some of the Vespa if Brigs wants a trip down memory lane, although it is stock, I am guessing brigs’s had more mirrors and lights than that :roflmao:

Thanks Majik, I’ve been worrying about the colour of a Taube for some years now, most helpful

Excellent piccies :slight_smile:

Are you drinking wine there Maj? I thought you were a beer monster :slight_smile:

Looks like you all had a great time :slight_smile:

very nice pics mates

thanks for charing them!!

grtzzz cooper

Thx for sharing the pics!! Several examples (Me110 and 109) of seeing the db605, fixed on that special device, and the Junkers motor, installed inverted.

I liked the Deutsches Museum in Munich very much long time ago. But this 1 looks really interesting as well.

I was actually on coke :stuck_out_tongue:
Thor and I didn’t get in until 7.30 that morning from a beer and tequila session, and were up at 10 to go to Berlin, I was giving my liver a little rest :o
I am, however, partial to a drop of Chardonnay :wink:

Very nice, some great shots there. Looks like a good museum.


Indeed it looks like a very nice museum :slight_smile:
Nice to see the pictures and thank you for sharing them.

Thank You for pictures!!

Looks like one hell of a museum, shame it was’nt there in the 80’s during my posting.