some photo from inside "bunker"

As I promise I’ve reach the deep of WW2 bunker It was scary totaly dark and with long tunnels
The temperature inside good no cold and no hot the air is wet and heavy expecially when we went at 4th floor down!
I post only some pics because the most are bad we did in dark.
The wall are in concrete and it was in good conditions also for the stairs bad are the handrails done with rounds of steel that move if you touch.We finded a lot of trash and debries expecially on the stairs, some starlight used from other peoples for sign the way? lots of wall are covered by graffiti.
we started went to up stairs I think it was a watcher place

this is on the ground level on the wall there is a write(centrale di tiro)(maybe

a fire position with heavy MG) fi find a big table into that room and a strange pipe placed near the windows and came in near the table

now I don’t remind the sequence but for sure the fisrt flor down is the radio station. other pictures werent loaded for unknow reason

the bunker had Power supply unit and a converter
PSU is made by this big engine

that room is biggest in the bunker

a crane in the same room

a tank

This is in front of engine room it have a single steel beam and it was the higest room maybe above ten meters height the ladder lead to ground level, the picture is taken from outside of room it have a hole in the wall, maybe used for lift room?

this are very strange we find two of them, this are as secret passages we find it in the two longest hallway we didn’t enter but it go in direction of the sea

this is the second passage a little dirty

I think it have 3 big piecies for AAA or howitzer

sorry it is all!

Interesting pics!!!

Did you have to open a hatch with a load of numbers on it??? :slight_smile:

You find something that looks like a lever


Are you sure you want to use the lever?


There is a loud noise of an explosion. Something tells you you should not have done that


Winston Churchill seems unhappy about the lever thing


Using flammable materials in a hardened bunker is not allowed by Health and Safety



Lots of modern graffiti inside…

…no older WWII inscriptions, like Benito’s famous propaganda slogan “Dio stramaledica gli Inglesi”???


the hatch is blocked on open position did you see how big are the hooks? why so big?