Some good books I read this summer

During summer vacations I’ve got some more time to read some books. At least 3 of them were really very good. Here we go:

Nichols, John. Rennel, Tony.- Tail-End Charlies : the Last Battles of the Bomber War, 1944-1945.- London : Viking, 2004.- 470 p.

I believe this is the best book I ever read on the issue of bomber crews in WW2.
One of the authors - Nichols - was one of the RAF Tornado pilots shot down during Desert Storm. The book is really well written, able to give a clear idea of the life of the bomber crews, and the feelings they got during their lives. Totally worth the money as well as the time to read it.
More information [b]HERE[/b]

Adrian Weir - The Last Flight of the Luftwaffe: The Suicide Attack on the Eighth Air Force, 7 April 1945 - Cassell Military Classics

On April 7 1945, their cause almost lost, the advanced aircraft and weaponry which could have turned the war in their favour still unavailable, the best pilots dead or captured, a small group of Luftwaffe crew staged a desperate attack on an Eighth Air Force bombing fleet.
The book covers the explaination of the historical frame, the strategic and tactical reasons behind the operation, the preparation and the training of the crews, and the operation itself, with a lot of first hand witnesses. Good book.
More reviews here:
If you want to buy the book, here you can do it here at a very cheap price:

James Bradley with Ron Powers - Flags of Our Fathers - Bantam Trade Paperback - October 2001

The author, James Bradley, is the son of one iof the US Marines “flag raisers” at Iwo Jima, Mount Suribachi, February 1945.
The book tells the story of those six people, as well as the battle of Jiwo Jima. I found it a terrific and moving book. I did not know before all detalis about this terrible battle. More news about he book [b][u]HERE[/u][/b]
This book is going to become a movie, directed by Clint Eastwood and produced by Steven Spielberg. Out probably end 2006: