Some flying

Hey guys!

As for some time now 51° is flying exclusively in DCS and I can’t join them there I would like to ask if anyone is still interested in some flying in Il-2 BoX.

Recently I have very limited time for flying, but for now I am just checking if anyone is interested and then we will worry about schedule :slight_smile:

Hey Michal, we are actually really committed on DCS, but have a look on the forum since dcs starts sales every month or so, worth having a look!

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Thanks Cappe. Maybe I will buy DCS on some summer sale. And for now Il-2 has to be enough for me :slight_smile: . If anyone will be willing to fly in Il-2, let me know.

I suggest you the Mustang, it’s one of the best module in DCS and a good workhorse…then Spit, if you want some chance in dogfighting.

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You don’t actually buy DCS, you download the base program for free, then you buy the plane modules and maps that you want. Try the TF-51 (unarmed Mustand) that is in DCS until the next sale. :slight_smile:


Thanks guys for suggestions. Actually I tried TF-51 and I have DCS downloaded, but to fly with you I need those paid modules :wink:

Absolutely not, we have the server with free caucasus and free tf51 available

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And do you fly there sometimes?

every monday and thursday!
usually from 21 to 22… then we move to some combat server… usually Storm of War!

Ok, so I actually can join you for this, let’s say, warm up :slight_smile:. Still, without shooting it won’t be the same, but maybe I will try to join someday :wink:

Try passing on ts thursday evening!! Dcs + TF51 + caucasus

Today I configured my rudder pedals in DCS and tried some flying. I love the sounds in cocpit in TF-51. So noisy, but feels so realistic! Unfortunately for 3 attempts for landing all of them ended… deadly bad :stuck_out_tongue:, cause I couldn’t keep the plain going straight forward after touching the ground (I thought it should be similar to Il-2, but somehow I didn’t manage to do it correctly). I’ve got now some saved money, so I am waiting for DCS discounts. Till then I’ve got some training to do :smiley:.

try giving just a little brake( half a second) first with one feet than with the other and repeat if needed! This will help stabilize a lot the landing after touch down!

what’s your landing speed??

Thanks Jimmy, will try! Does it matter which brake I use first, I guess that on TF-51 I should first use the right one?
My landing speed, I think it was about 100 mph/h, maybe a little bit more.

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Well i think it doesn’t matter.
I think i also push a little the rudder while i brake.
You don’t make any S but you push the force (momentum) of the landing back and fort to one wheel and the other and that helps to stabilise the plane…


Ok! Will try that technique, thanks!

Also, with the P51 is really important to make a good flare and let it touch on three points, then keep the stick backward so you’ll keep the tailwheel locked up. It becomes free pivoting once you go over the central point of the elevators, so forward.

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Oh, I didn’t keep the stick backward. Maybe that was the reason too. Thanks Cappe!

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Neptune, if you want we can fly together dcs to try better the p51. Let me know.

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Oh, that would be great! I have a lot of things going on in my private life, so no much time for flying, but maybe we will find some timeframe which suits both of us :slight_smile: This week I should be able probably to fly tomorrow evening and on Thursday. Then I might be available again maybe on Sunday evening.

@EAF51_Storm When is the best time for you?