...some flight just for fun...

if anyone wants to fly Rise of Flight, I’ll be on TeamSpeak from 10:00 GMT until 16:00 GMT…please join me :slight_smile:

I may pop in for a flight!

Thanks to Apollo, Baz and Stuntman for excelent work on Wargrounds and Syndicate today…We accomplished all objectives in a great mission only by our Squadron and won the game!!! I enjoyed it!!!

Flash! ah-ahh!
Savior of the Universe!
Flash! ah-ahh!
He’ll save everyone of us!
Flash! ah-ahh!
He’s a miracle!
Flash! ah-ahh!
King of the impossible!

Great time guys. As long as those J5 guys in their DR1 Tie interceptors aren’t around, I have a great time, lol. I’ll try to be on tonight… Yes I know it’s that horrid day today, but I’m taking her to dinner and hopefully she leaves me alone:confused: Sorry, but I’m NOT the romantic type.

Wish I could have stayed to witness the end of the game. Did the tanks survive and destroy the third line?

Oh yes! We conquered the German lines in a blazing tank rush! Noone can withstand the power of Renault! :roflmao:

Yes, “tanks… a lot”:smiley: for the fun on ROF yesterday guys.
After Jo’s explanation for the Germans superiority (technology and the historical imbalance in numbers between opposing air forces etc), the somewhat OP German planes in the game seem more justified and with more teamwork/tactics certainly something we should be able to contend with. I’m loving it.


I hear ya Baz. I know now that we can take on a single DR1 with three of us fighting him… Unfortunately he was an average pilot and still he took two of us out. Perhaps I’m giving him too much credit since he had just been downed prior to our midair.:(:mad:

I’m on TS from now until 17:00 GMT if you like to join me :slight_smile:

hello everybody, I’m on TS today, if anyone wants to join me…

Sorry Jo. I won’t be available until march.

OK, no problem, see you then

hello everybody, I’ll be on TS from 12:00 GMT, please join me

I can be on a little later Jo say… 1300GMT.


OK Baz, meet you there…but I can be online only until 15:00 GMT

I’ll be on EAF TS flying on open servers until 16:00 CET…anyone is welcome