So you do not like mods and the awi?

… So you do not like mods and the AWI!..

Want us to join the dark side Bear? :wink:

I will not take the coal-scuttle helmet for all the sausage in Bavaria. Not after they bombed Coventry, the Venice of the North

You can fly the BoB mod in Il-2 War too chaps, with perhaps slightly less overhead and an opportunity for your planning leader to select the mission type, and usually at least two exciting missions per meet

Join the Il-2 War, show the EAF flag on the world stage


Not after they bombed Coventry,

This is an interesting point of view, than can be discussed maybe in another tread. Just because this is a joke :slight_smile:

They did bomb the Monte Carlo of the West Midlands and that’s why we like Il-2 War we get a chance to get our own back


Good point! :slight_smile:

So with my love of all the Mods guess I am Obi Wan Osprey.:smiley:

Obi Wan Cannoli :slight_smile:


:roflmao: :roflmao: :roflmao:

Ok now we found something we all like :slight_smile:



Mods … hmm, wonder how great they are and what extra stuff does it require from my PC (video card, RAM etc) and if I can continue on playing with 4.08? Heard that now with the unified installer it has been made easy to get it.

EAF310 flies with 4.08 so I must be able to have that for having my quality time:), but at the same time can I switch it to mods?

Maybe some specialist can enlighten me, since with mods and that stuff I am still in darkness.

Is that true that while you can fly in mods with new bombers such as B-17 etc, they are from inside quite poorly done or fake? My question comes from talks heard in Spit server TS.