So, errr... RIFT?

Gents, a request for suggestions if you please.

I finally managed to get the damned Rift working today after hours of painful titting about…and frankly am unimpressed. However, I suspect this is because I have something wrong with the settings. At present, it looks like I am viewing the world through bleary eyes / have gone massively short-sighted, making it impossibly to spot aircraft even that I know are there. The cockpit looks fine - even if the dials are a bit hard to read - but the menu writing is blurred and in-game objects beyond my aircraft are just vague shapes. On reading tips on the BoX forums I have:

  • Installed Oculus Tray, but now uninstalled after it caused the device to crash - no idea why
  • Turned off everything in the BoX menu (AA and other advanced graphics things) except sharpening
  • Set resolution to native monitor resolution
  • Set Steam SS to 100% (seemed the best compromise given what I read)

I am getting pretty good frame-rates of 40-plus (up to 80 at some points) but the clarity of vision is virtually game-breaking. I have a computer perfectly able to handle the demands of the hardware, but am considering binning this and going back to TrackIR on the grounds that I simply cannot see anything.

Any and all suggestions welcome. Basically I need to sharpen the thing as much as possible so I can see things.

Hi Ed,

Look around this date of posts as we eeked more out of the systems.

Check out the above, it’s where I started when trying to get the best out everything. I get 90 fps mainly now in BOX offline (with clouds off), with multiple 110s, 109 and some wingman dogfighting over woods in Kuban, see my setting above - online this drops depending on server. Yes spotting is tougher, but maybe more real ;), after a while I was able to tell a 109 from something else from a fair distance. Against a good TIR person, I was getting nailed due to SA and having to actually turn around to check six, again with time (alot!!) this should improve. Formation flying is great fun and I really started enjoying fighting in pairs online with Flash and OD, both in VR. I’ll try and get on and fly with you, its more fun:) I also switched off the Hud and cntrl & numpad 1 to turn off the ASW.

Stick with it and keep going mate, remember this is the first version and you will have lower res, but the benefits out weight it for BOX for me, especially offline. Would be good to have VR only servers!! OD seems to fly everything with it, including DCS.

Just been flying a Tiger Moth for real from Redhill to Kenley and back, Chris the pilot very kindly let me fly the whole time :). His first flight was from Kenley back in 66 when he joined the RAF and has flown all the Spitfire versions!

Hey Marsh

Do you wear glasses by any chance?

If so you might need these inserts as despite how close the screens are to your eyes in the actual headset, it mimics RL eye focusing.

For BoX I get similar results and framerates to Swoop - except when the GUI is on or there are lots of big explosions.

For situational awareness what I’ve found is that I can pick up contacts further away than 2D TrackIr, but they are more blurred close-in and I have to be more careful IDing friendlies. That though is outweighed by sheer immersion and ability to keep track of bandits.

Not sure what to suggest to get it crisper - but there is a setting on Oculus Tool tray (pixels per display override) that I think could help. In DCS I have that set to 1.2 but if your rig can take it you can obviously increase it. I think there might be a way to change that setting with using the Tray Tool (Debug tool?)

Finally in Il-2 BoX there is an graphics option ‘Dynamic Resolution Factor’ which you may want to play around with. This i think attempts to keep a target framerate and will adjust your gfx settings on the fly to keep things smooth.

Thanks for the help, guys.

I have gone through the different suggestions and it is a bit better though still a little blurry (no glasses here, but maybe my eyes are getting old). FPS is fine so far (offline) and I have changed the gamma element so the world is much brighter which has helped. Have to admit I was a little disappointed but maybe that is a bit hasty and it simply takes getting used to it. Next stop is the Tool Tray, which did not seem to work but after a lot of fiddling I will try again.

It still has some wierdnesses, though like refusing to turn off (I shut down, it restarts) and if I launch it before BoX then there is a good chance that the sim crashes at some point. DCS, however, seems to work smoothly.

I am on tonight so hopefully can experience VR with you guys :slight_smile:

51 is on tonight converting to DCS
so take off, landing navigation, buzzing planes on taxi and some mock combat!
you are more than welcome to join us!

I’ll go through bits of it with you later. The Tray Tool allows you to turn it off - that is something annoys me too.

Cool, thanks. Currently updating DCS (Spit and P-51) though offhand I don’t know what beat version I have.

Having some issues as to what DC is DCS - seems to be affecting my module usage. What are people running at present?

Big thanks to OD for all the assiatance and Jaks for the server time - was great fun.