Sneak peek Beaufighter

Cant wait for those Hispano’s, although it doesn’t actually show them

Well gentlemen it looks like I may well soon be coming home to roost :banana:

Hurry up Classic! You’ll need some training to get back in the saddle with Clod…
mainly some time to get used to the new cem routines…
we are waiting for you!!!

Red, Classic and I in Beaus that would be the days again!

Don’t forget the salt and the pepper in that particular “concoction”… Charlie and Joe.

Now that really would spell rcscj… scrcj… jcrsc…er (where are the vowels when you need them) TROUBLE!:smiley:


Certainly looking forward to taking one of these up and encountering a Ju88…it will be many thousands of bits of Ju88 by the time I’ve finished with it! :cool:

Why have salt and pepper when you can have mango pickles and green chilli sauce? :rolleyes: