Smooth game no stutter settings!

this night i have played with graphic settings
i have changed one thing at a time and then tried the quick mission “London sightseeing”
usually i had around 40fps low over buildings (less with full zoom)
(I used to fly a 90° bank turn over the city and look at the buildings just below me with the full zoom. This was the situation with more stutters for me)

building amount
i moved from few to unlimited. instead of worsening on my rig it improved smoothness and obviously visual quality
buildings far away don’t get textures and seems Lego boxes till they get close, with unlimited settings texture are loaded when the building are still far away, it’s all better to see but also faster, because the system don’t get stuck loading textures when you are close to it

texture quality
moved down from original to medium and got slightly less stutters. (thou Original textures are much more beautiful to see!)

tried vsyinc on/off
over London it changed nothing so went back to vsyinc on

then after reading this thread
i tried this small app: BANDICAM

it’s similar to fraps with the options of capping the FPS
i set the max FPS to 40 and voila’ NO MORE STUTTERS the game was butter smooth!
also panning around with track-ir was more faster and better, and also shooting to planes is incredibly better!
a new game for me! Over the city at low altitude i got an incredible feeling of speed which previously was ruined by microstutters
PLS TRY IT and let me know if it works for you also!!!

ps in the end i also installed GameBooster an utility that disable all unnecessary running programs and windows seervices upon game start.

my rig
i7-2600k @3,40 GHz
8,0 GB ram
win7 Home premium 64bit
Shappire ATI Radeon 6900 20048 Mb GDDR5
HD SSD intel g2 160 GB

Thanks Jimmi, I will try this later today and report back.


Just had a play with these settings.

The unlimited buildings seemed to make the biggest difference. I also changed textures from high to medium and on to original but didn’t notice much of a performance difference although I could see the improvement in the image quality.

I then installed Bandicam and ran it with the fps locked at 40. Again I didn’t notice much of an improvement although it was a little smoother. My max fps is usually 50 when I run things on my 32 Flat Screen TV.

I ran the London sightseeing quick mission and the Black Death track several times with the various settings changed one at a time. I averaged around 40fps throughout but with the settings Jimmi mentioned above the experience was a little smoother and less stutter prone.

Overall, I’d recommend giving this method a try although YMMV.



My Specs:
Intel 2500k@3.3GHz
8GB Ram
Nvidia GeForce GTX 480 1.5Gig Memory 301.42 drivers
32 Toshiba Regza Flatscreen TV @ 1920x1080x50Hz
TrackIR5, MSFFB2, Saitek X45, CH Pro Pedals
Win7 64bit