Smelly vision coming to a vr headset soon!

Been reading about the new kickstarter for a 4K headset, which has two screens upscale to 4K each and a much wider field of view. What’s also interesting is it’s a modular design so other 3rd parties can create new modules for it. One already in the works, tracks your hands without having to hold any controllers. Another in testing is a smell module!

The good news is Pimax have long reached their kickstarter goal and its increasing all the time.
The new headset are planned for release Feb next year.

Check out the vid with the designers [video][/video]

If you fancy one -

4 months…

5 to 6 months as they already have the majority of it in place as they have built another version.

imsgine smelling your co pilot next to you…booze mainly