Slow Forum Lately?

Is it me or has the forum been running a bit slow lately?


No, it’s a bit slow every now and then. Right now for example, it’s slow… :frowning:
No notes about it on the providers page, so I have no idea why it’s slow.

This morning on the other hand I think it was quite fast, and I don’t think it was slow yesterday evening.

Seems fine now Mikke. It’s been a bit patchy for me for the last week or so. Maybe some server maintenance going on somewhere in the Net.


Yep found the same, I guess it depends on Mikke’s special downloads…:wink:

Yes was impossible for me last night and this morning but now seems ok again.

Seems to suffer quite frequently

Now ok, this morning very slow…

Up down up down down up up up down slow fast. Wierd. :confused:

As the page/forum is on a hosted server separated from my home network, that’s not the reason. :wink:

Next time it feels slow, try browsing around at the basic homepage ( or to see if that is slow as well, or if it’s just the forum.

Usually if I remember it’s only the forum. All the other pages in the menu to the left is as fast as normal.

For some reason today the forum is painfully slow.

I can get into the main page quickly but from there on it goes at snail speed.

Example :I downloaded all 11 parts of HSFX7 earlier today (via http not uTorrent) and it took a total of 1hr 40mins for around 6 odd gb?

I PM’d Baz and it took 9 mins to get into the forum and send the PM.

According to my DL speed is 7.44Mbps and my upload speed is 1.01 Mbps with a ping of 12ms.

Very slow for me too.

Here slow like a tortoise.
I’m connected from an hour.

I would just like to tell you I find it wierd that in the middle of the night, 4.30 AM yesteterday - I was the only registered member online (obviously, came late from uni :P) and there was 17 “guests” online. Are these bots or perhaps something malicious? Who is online at such times and in such large numbers as unknowns!?

Very slow again for me this morning but fine now!


Very slow for me more often than not too, especially over the last few weeks.

Seems to me that in the morning is very slow.
Afternoon for me ok!