Hi all,

I stupidly got rid of my antivirus last week when messing about with my hosting attempts. Forgetting to reinstall, I have now been struck down with this bloody redirect virus / hack thing. I will trying downloading new software at work tomorrow and installing it when I get home but if anyone had any good advice suggestions on how to get rid of it I am all ears. Have seen several suggestions, but they mostly relate to Win XP.


Sorry to hear mate, check out this for protection, even better than a durex ~

Now can you get windows up and able to install the above? IF so it will look for any Virus when it installs and clean them.

Otherwise I’d suggest downloading a free “magic bullet” type antivirus cleaner onto a bootable USB drive. Then make sure in the your PC’s bios you boot from the USB first and then let it do it’s stuff. Google any of the above for tips on how to do, or ask. Good luck.

All you need is a good free AV.

Avast or AVG are good.

Firewall software like Zonealarm aren’t required these days.
Most of us are behind routers (hardware firewall) these days. Zonealarm was only any good when we were running 98/XP straight onto 56k modems. Most of these security firms reluy on internet paranoia for business.

All you need is a decent AV. Don’t spend any cash.

For the current issue

Try malwarebytes.
Free download, do a full system scan.



type %temp% and clear out the folder. A lot of these things put themselves in here.

Marsh I dont know what browser you use but here is a fix for Firefox 12 browser with the same problem that you are having.

Good luck m8, it would be great to have you up in the air with the rest of us tonight.

Thanks, guys, am loading a USB at work with various files. Bloody malware people :mad:

Try start up in fail safe mode. Then type msconfig in the search field and look under autostart if there is a post suspected to be the malware thingie namewise. If you find anything, untick it and see if the computer works better after a reboot.

What Brigstock said. :slight_smile:

When I set your hosting before, I mentioned you’re behind a h/w firewall. So long as you don’t click “ok” or default when installing stuff you’ll be fine.