Is it possible to run 8800GTX together with a 8800GTS/640Mb in SLI?
I have read that it should work, provided the cards have similar GPU.

(My mobo is a Nvidia 680iSLI, and it came with a SLI-connector)


AFAIK when they say similar GPU they mean that two GTX’s with different clock speeds can run together with the right drivers. I don’t think it is possible to get a GTS and a GTX working together

If I had both cards and the SLI connector lying around I’d hook them up and give them a try. But I definitely wouldn’t spend money to get the 2nd card and expect it to work - it sounds like the sort of arrangement that is just waiting to go wrong.

I asked Nvidia support, and I will let you know what they say. But I suspect Briggs is correct. (I do have a spare 8800GTS).
Anyway, I have been reading some very positive reviews about the new 8800GT, it seems to be close to 8800GTX in performance.

I made a proper SLI arrangement with 2x 8800GTX:

Pretty crowded in there, had to move the harddrives down a bit. Presently I am using a 600W PSU, seems to work pretty hard and is now a bit noisy. I might switch to my larger PSU, if I can make room for it :roflmao: