Silent Hunter 4 Storys

Well i am on my second patrol, i leave from Pearl on route to the East china see.
On route i stop at Midway to refuel and return to my journey.
As i come up to the Volcano islands which is a big trade route i spot a convoy just off my port side, panicking i hit crash dive and turn to port to take on the convoy from the perfect angle of 90 degrees.
1km from the convoy i unleash 4 fish aimed at the bulk of the convoy, 3 hit and one misses, that is 2 merchants taken care of. I still have 2 torpedoes loaded so i turn to face the first escorting destroyer who is now coming straight for me. For him this is a bad choice as i set up a torp to blow under his keel, its succesful he splits in half and sinks like a stone. Having only one torpedo left up front i swing the boat round so the rear is facing the convoy. While this is happening i am moving all “Skilled” torpedo men to the front torp room to load quicker.
Next target was another escort, this time it was a sub hunter which only has a keel depth of about 2 metres and the minimum depth for a torp is 2.5:eek: . I set it up for magnetic impact and fire, luckily for me its a strike, only 1 escort left but i cant find him.
Before i can surface there is a large merchant armed to the teeth so he gets 2 torps sent his way at a spread angle of 2 degrees, one strikes just below the boiler and the other one gets just below the command tower, he promptly starts taking on water and slowly sinks.
Over the next 40 hour i am slowly taking out the convoy on the surface until there is only one left. He is unarmed so i pull beside him about 500 metres away and tell my gun crew to aim for the water line, after about 10 shots to just below the boiler he slowly capsizes revealling that last destroyer bearing down on me at speed, the sneeky git had been hidden by the merchant.
Orders are given for a crash dive and hard to port, i have just enough time to jump to the periscope station when i hear the props pass over me. Quickly i get to periscope depth at full speed and find out he is only 600 metres away, im not taking any chances, the only 2 torps i have loaded at the front a fire of in haste, on misses but the other gets him right up the ass and he breaks in half. As soon as i hear the hit i surface the boat to watch him sink. Just as i click the button to go to the bridge…Blue screen:mad:

After almost 2 hours chasing a convoy
80% difficulty (manual targeting switched off)
Sinking just over 100,000 tons, (to you sub guys you know you get put in the hall of fame at ubi for that fait)

All i get for that hard work is a damn blue screen:mad: and i took it out on the mouse, i think i need a new one:roflmao:

Great story Dan, except the ending. I know how you feel same thing happened to me with SH-3 so many hour’s in vain. :mad:

Thanks for the story Dan…thrilling…I’m not that far with the game yet…still training…pitty you got a blue screen…

Its not all bad, did the mission again this time found a smaller convoy sunk the lot 54169 Tons:)