Silent Hunter 3

Just bought this game fromthe Ubi website and will be with me in a few days, is there any essential addons or sofware which you guys recomend? I have never played a game like this before and thought i would give it a try.
What about multiplayer, is there much of a scene?
Cheers Dan

Head to the forums of Subsim for the essentials. I play reugular os hell on it and as far as I know there isn’t really much of an online scene, to few at it. Forums found here mate at
Hope this helps, personally I run the Not Your Grandmothers Damage Mod or NYGM v2, but its down to what you want to have.

Yes, to have this game playable you will need alot of mods or just go for one of the big mods, that puff mentioned. The original version has to many historical bugs etc.
There is nearly no online playing scene. This is because of 2 things:
There is no counterpart, like Destroyer Command was.
The good part of playing this sim is missing when you are playing just an attack.

The most fun to me is crusing several days or weeks in the northatlantic, sometimes catching some screwnoises of lonely fast running merchants you can’t follow till one day you get the enemy insight. But to have fun with such things i think you will have to read books.

Ace, I really enjoy this game, never have played it online but I think it is the best Naval sim.

When you play it online you do so in wolfpack missions, both on the same side. Splash and I did this a while back one Friday and its quite interesting.

The mission are basically attacking a large convoy, mid-atlantic. There’s a thread in here somewhere about it. When playing online, you both have to have the same mods installed otherwise you can’t connect.

Like Puff has mentioned the NYGM mods, or the large mod that has gone into are well worth installing. (from subsim).

Having played this for ages now as I haven’t had that much time, which is what you really need with this game.