Sometimes (actually it seems like it’s always doing it…) it seems that life does it’s damndest to get in the way of what I actually wish to do :frowning:

I’m not avoiding you guys honest, life is just very very busy at the moment and I seem to be running around headless chicken like, I have two weeks off from saturday and it is now having to be spent coding websites instead of relaxing or studying as it should have been :frowning:

Monday night I will be taking the phone off the hook and closing notepad/photoshop, loading my stick profile, teamspeak and TIR drivers and I will fly and try to survive a mission dagnabbit!


Yes, that’s real life :wink:

BTW, why don’t you use a program like Dreamweaver instead of manual programming? It saves a lot of time :cool:

I’ve found manual coding to be easier, faster and more controllable plus most WYSIWYG editors create terribly messy and bloated code.

Oh and my favourite reason? I can code using notepad on any PC, not just the one with Dreamweaver installed :slight_smile:


RL does that to you

Dreamweaver is a superbe program - I’ve used it at work, but it doesn’t come cheap

Saves time, but gives crappy code. :wink: Homesite on the other hand… :w00t:

Try it Dano, you still have complete control of the code, but get some help. Then again, if you are doing lot’s and lot’s of code, you don’t really need any help, and are probably as fast, or faster, simply writing the code. :slight_smile:

Heh, I may well play with them at some point but right now taking the time to learn a new program however easy is time I could spend coding, besides which a lot of the current project is php so unless they can do that too I’m back in notepad anyway :slight_smile:

Besides which, it’s more of a hobby that earns me money than anything else so I like to be ‘hardcore’ :wink:


or you can be free and use NVU

ok, ok, it is not as advanced as Dreamweaver…no, it doesnt edit PHP. But it is free :slight_smile:

But if you are comfortable with notepad thats great, means you have a very good base.

I vote notepad, cheapest cleanest code editor going :slight_smile:

I feel the same as Dano re WYSIWYG editors, loads of useless bloated code.
Much simpler to code manually IMO.

Notepad - wash your mouth out! vi is the way to go, gods own editor :slight_smile:

I agree, Dreamweaver can produce nice looking pages, but 100Kb for an html page is ridiculous.

In the end its the same with all these wysiwyg packages, no subsitute for knowing how to code properly. :slight_smile:

Actually I have a slight confession here, I don’t use vanilla notepad anymore, I switched to notepad2 for my dev machines as it does some very nice syntax highlighting and shows line numbers which is a great boon for debugging code.

Hey Brigstock, was nice to see some of your skins appear on my site :slight_smile:


Hope to see you soon Dano.

Nice to be able to spread them around :slight_smile:

Given some more time I’ll be uploading some more.

…and Keets… you coding snob ;), just remember it’s real IT types like me that keep you types working :slight_smile:

“I dunno…Have you tried rebooting your machine?”

  • sound of Daily Mirror backpages turning over

Hey, vi is nice - I’d use it if I could find a Windows version

The command mnemonics can be a bit odd until you recognise that shift comand usually means do the command - only more so

(edit Anybody know anything of VIm? - “Intelligent completion for C, HTML, Ruby, Python, PHP, etc.” /end edit)

and Keets… you coding snob

Now now ladies :slight_smile:

Yep I get up at three in the morning and sweep the lake :slight_smile:

You guys and your notepads you think you’re so hard. Try entering a byte at a time with eight switches then you can say you’re a hard coder. This is slightly after the abacus was invented. Or the word for that matter. It’s a technical term stand easy notepad whores.

You and your steenkin ASCII batches I fart in your general direction :slight_smile:


Going Winchester takes on a whole other meaning huh Ming :wink:

Painter, vim is the vi that every linux distribution uses nowadays. The old vi is not used anymore I think, but everybody calls vim vi.

And yes I like it too, never got into emacs.

First time I hear about notepad 2, though

The old vi is not used anymore I think

:eek: Heresy!!! Have him washed and brought to the stake :slight_smile:

I still use vi, though its on a sun network. With the move to linux on a lot of servers, its the easiest thing to use if you “putty” in.

You should see the grads asking if they can use xedit. lol - not on my watch - “alias xedit /bin/vi” :smiley:

never got into emacs.

I’ve never been able to use emacs, I was always escaping out like you do in vi then the fun started as the cursor would be flying about all over the place and me vt100 terminal would be beeping like billyo. :slight_smile:

edit: sense I must make, after beers I have drunk. :slight_smile:

I never got on with emacs, though I did know a guy who used it for his desk-top, or maybe his shell !
If I’d been using LISP, then I’d’ve had the motivation to learn - maybe

I did most of my UNIX coding with vi. Linux? I was only ever allowed to use Linux at home.

Oh, and yes Ming, I have tried bit-switching, but only as a ‘class-room’ exercise.

ps, thanks Nepe, trying to dl now


I was going to post a screenie but my webspace is denying me access right now…


I have tried bitch-switching

What you get up to in your spare time is your own business :slight_smile:

Winchester it was all fields through here none of this cut and paste stuff all the stonework had to cut by hand it took bloody Ages

You have chanced upon a colony of Retroactivists

Show credibility certificate

You have been accepted as a trainee to major in Retroactivity

Get their confidence

You have got their confidence

Explain what a switch is

Knowing what a switch is but not in fact caring the Retroactivists ignite a firebomb in your trousers and move back to a safe distance