Shuttleworth Collection's Summer Pageant

Here are a few from the Shuttleworth collection’s summer pageant. Hope you enjoy them!

The wonderful Hawker Demon:

The Bristol Fighter:

Avro Anson:

Avro 504k:

Avro Tutor:

Sopwith Triplane:

CJ-6 Nanchang:

PT-22 Ryan Trainers:

BBMF Avro Lancaster:

And a bit of fun… is this chap sleeping, being sick or reading a book? :slight_smile:

Fantastic photos again Insight.

Realy looks like the guy in the top turret is trying to sleep… but maybe he is talking to someone below … or simply found the most convenient way to keep the guns up?

Magnificent shots as always Insight!! The Lanc shots are great.

Btw I thought the first aircraft was a Hawker Fury? Am I wrong or is it very similar?

And that top gunner in the Lanc is maybe chatting through the radio and he might tried to dampen the background noise by crouching together?:rolleyes:

Thanks chaps :slight_smile:

It is a Demon Stuntman, all of the Hawker Biplanes are fairly similar looking from the wings forward though :slight_smile:

I think sleeping or being ill is most likely hehe

Lovely Pics as always :slight_smile:
And the Hawker planes look soooo good:w00t:

Edit: The bristol fighter too! It is one of these planes looking abit odd, which gives them such a beautiful touch

Thanks very much Insight lovely shots!