Shuttleworth Collection's September Show

Here are some from the show yesterday - at last some great weather for a show!

The 2 T-28 Fennecs / Trojans:

The Sopwith Pup:

The Sopwith Triplane:

The SE5a:

My favourite aircraft, the Grace Spitfire:

The wonderful Hawker Hind:

The Gloster Gladiator:

I hope you enjoy them.

Excellent as ever James

great prop blur

I’m hopefully making it to Duxford on 5th Oct, line up looks quite good

Thanks Phil!

The Sopwith Triplane and SE5a were shot at 1/80 lol

Excellent stuff re Duxford, I will be there - we must make sure we meet up this time!!!

The Vulcan is booked for Duxford again I think and all importantly the Grace Spitfire is flying :slight_smile:

Really lovely pictures, thank for sharing James

Still hope to make the show next year and Duxford