Shoulder to Shoulder makes it to the finals

Thanks everyone who voted for Shoulder to Shoulder, you’ve helped to get it to the finals for the Online Machinima Film Festival 2009

And great too that another two IL2 films from buddies of mine are finalists in other categories - The Desert Dogfighter and Inside the Whirlwind.

This is great news as I haven’t been making any more IL2 movies.

For those interested, I’ve moved into Second Life as a platform to make films hooking up with a great writer and producer, Pooky Amsterdam, and our first film “The Spy Who Lives Here” has just won best machinima at a virtual Second Life London Festival of Art. It has nothing to do with aircraft, though there is a helicopter in there, lol:

Long time bump…

The results are up. No wins for IL2 movies, just third places. Still chuffed that the public voted three IL2 films to get to that stage and make a statement to the wider machinima community - ta all:

Hardly anything happening in IL2 filmmaking at the moment, the only chap worth watching is Jafa. I’m going to add one of his recent to the Flight Sim Movies website, it’s a very well filmed piece:

(have a sneak round his youtube channel, there are some real treats in store :wink: )

Great news Joe. Perhaps with SoW:BoB coming out soon('ish) we can look forward to some great BoB movies.

Any news yet on the secret project you mentioned a few weeks back?



Ah, a very boring conference guide happening in Las Vegas this week. Boring, but if they pay, we will do :slight_smile: (I did manage to sneak a couple of flight sim shots in)

The next film that I have to get edited tonight is a lot more meaninful, and one I found very moving - we were asked to film a Holocaust Survivor talking in Second Life as part of a VE Day Commemoration event. This is an incredible way for an 87 year old woman to be able to tell her story to as many people as possible without her having to travel.

thanks at you guys for make it real!

A very moving and important project indeed. Wish you my best of luck.:slight_smile:

Ah, a very boring conference guide happening in Las Vegas this week. Boring, but if they pay, we will do

You know Joe, there is never a boring time in Vegas there is a saying “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”:wink: Well I didn’t see any hot female escorts at the conference but you did have Newt Gingrich. :slight_smile:

Nice job glad your getting payed for your work. :slight_smile:

Cheers guys, and ta Osprey, we did suggest putting some more Vegas girls into the conference guide but the client said no - just in case some of the wives of the attendees watched the video :wink:

It’s all good fun, but I just wish there was more payback for the amount of time it takes to make an IL2 movie. There are still many, many, WW2 stories to be told, if there was just time enough to make the films.

Maybe there will be a new crop of aspiring filmmakers coming out of the woodwork when BoB is released.

I have already voted…but for Clear Skies…was made a while ago but it is still a good film for all EvE fans, and those that arnt :wink:
It was good to see he one…didnt see that :smiley:
Also Clear Skies 2 is out…find it here

Great news!

Wow thats cool Rosco.