Shark Nose Squadron campaign

Part two of ‘Desert Air Force’ is now up on M4T. Thankyou everyone who downloaded part one.

Jesus Bill, I never have chance to finish one campaign before another hits the scene… Do you ever slow down??:smiley:

Whizz spends a lot of time, alone, in a box, obviously :wink:

Yes, and I’ve got the big buggy eyes to prove it:eek: :smiley:

Roit’…look at 'is avatar…see the serious…squint??..hehehehe:roflmao::roflmao:

Hey Bakshi!

That must be a record breaking bump (almost a year :roflmao: ). How much is Whizz paying you to tout his campaigns?

Nice to see you in here, btw.

Bump. :D:p

Nice Wizz! but you work for il2 softwarehouse? :roflmao:

Well done Whizz!:smiley: