Shardana on brief leave due to slight eye injury

Hi all! unfortunately yesterday I had a little accident while cleaning my court. Nothing too serious but enough to scare myself like hell. As you know I have only a working eye, the right one, and being that the one I injured left me sort of worried. But, as already said, I will need just a little rest for a week, that is why for a few days I won’t be flying with you as scheduled. Probably I’ll pass some time on the game sorting things out like rendering etc.
I’ll let you know when I’ll be back.
For now good flights guys!


Get well soon Fulvio!

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Take care fulvio!

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Take care Shardana!

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Caxxo, mi spiace Fulvio!! Rimettiti presto!!! :metal:t3::smile:

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Thank you all!

auguri di pronta guarigione!

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Hi all!! from tomorrow I’ll be back for training and missions. My eye got better and it seems that everything is working as supposed to.