Setting up BoS Cockpit view (for head tracking users)>

In this little tutorial i will cover a topic that has been brought up many times lately. And it’s the proper way to set
up the right in Cockpit position in IL-2 BoS.
1º The standard Cockpit position in BoS is perfectly aligned with the Gunsight, this is done so everybody can aim,

    • *it doesn’t matter if you have Head tracking or not, this way new comers with no Head tracking can jump in any
    • *and start flying and fighting.

2º For Head tracking users it seems odd, in some planes the head position seems to be too low, too high, too to the left, etc

    • also in some Planes this default view Position makes some blind spots at 6, mostly notices in the FW-190 where the armored*
    • head rest obstruct the 6 o’clock view.

3º So now i will tell you how to set up your view position properly.
_Controls: Del: moves your head position to the left.

                • *End: Moves your head position to the right
                • *Insert: zoom in
                • *End: zoom out
                • *Page up: moves your head position up
                • *Page down: moves your head position down
                • *F10: saves your actual head position

_ First of all launch the game with your head tracking off (if head tracking is on you will not be able to change the pilot’s head position)
_ What you want to achieve is a proper pilot head position in cockpit, for that you have to simply go F2, rotate the camera and properly

  • *set it (shift+mouse) in the best position to see the pilot position in cockpit. here are 2 examples.

we can clearly see that the pilot in the 190 can see over the leather protection over the instruments panel and also can see the nose to the front and
directly to the leather head rest to the back. so now what we have to do is from inside the cockpit using the page up and
page down keys set the right height for the pilot view.

    • From the front view we can see, that the gunsight is off to the right and the Pilot position is centered, so using the Del and End keys, we will set
      the pilot head position right between the two bumps over the nose cowling.
      With the insert and home keys we will adjust the distance from the gunsight and instruments panel, as we see in the 190 the pilot is very close to the gunsight and instruments panel, we will get this

Default view:

Custom view:

Don’t worry if you can’t see the crosshair, when you have to aim through it, you only need to lean forward and to the right a bit in order to aim,
may at first is a bit uncomfortable, but trust me, after a while is totally natural and way more realistic.
after you feel that your cockpit position is what you want, then just hit the F10 to save the pilot’s head position. Now next time when you will use your Head tracking you will have a more natural position, and using the 6DoF it will not be any problem not being able to see anything inside the cockpit or hecking your surrounds looking for enemy contacts or land marks, in contrary this view set will improve it as we can see in the next 2 screenshot where i’m checking six leaned to the right and we can clearly see that the 6 o’clock view has better panorama. here is a comparison:
Default 6 o’clock:

Custom 6 o’clock:

So this is it, play as much as you want with your views to get the best out of it.
Hope this helps to everybody out there who are struggling to have a proper*
cockpit view.
Oh i almost forget you can do this for each plane separately, and it will be saved for each of them.