Server - RANDOM EXPERT+ --Rules

We are happy to present our new mutual 72nd AirGroup’s and -DED- Regiment’s –
project RANDOM EXPERT+ (‘Project: The Second Advent’) server.
Main features:
Online-campaign with a dynamic front line (generated according to the results of the
played missions).
Statistics’ site reflecting the current situation on the server.
Personal and squad’s plane garages.
‘Combat actions’ going on on the whole map area.
Random targets positions making every mission unique (in addition to the moving front
Multitude of weather conditions as well as changing seasons in missions.
Registration is available but not required.

  1. Main principles. Victory conditions.
    The battle on the server is going on on the “Il-2: Battle of Moscow”.
    There are a number of ‘Key Positions’ on the map. Capturing them is the objective of a
    mission and moves the front line:
    Every mission lasts 2 hours.
    The final objective of the campaign is to ‘change the color’ of 80% of the map.
  2. Movement of the front line.
    The campaign begins from a ‘starting position’ dividing the map among the two parties
    equally (more or less):
    Round map icons either with a cross or a star are the Key Positions (KP).
    In every single mission only four of the KPs are active – two per side. The active KPs are
    the objectives that must be captured in order to move the front line. Active KPs are signified by
    the icons with a ‘flame’ sign on top of them.
    To capture a KP you need to destroy targets that the mission generator randomly places in
    the 30-40 km area around the KP in question.
    Captured KP’s change color at the end of the mission and the front line moves to reflect
    the new situation. The generator randomly activates four KPs as the new objectives, thus KPs can
    ‘change hands’ many times in the course of subsequent missions.
  3. Key Positions capture conditions.
    To capture a KP four of the five KP’s available targets must be destroyed:
  4. KP’s warehouse – you must destroy about 100 units by the in-game statistics that you
    can see pressing ‘Tab’ button in game.
  5. Artillery positions – 13 units must be destroyed.
    3 and 4. Two truck columns of 8 vehicles each – they must be completely destroyed.
  6. One of the enemy’s airfields must be destroyed (see below).
    All the targets are marked on the map and positioned in the 30-40 km area around the KP
    in question.
    They are marked with a square map icon with a tower and a plane on it. he two KP’s
    airfields are chosen randomly amongst the closest to the KP airfields and with the respect to the
    front line position at the moment.
    You can ‘close’ the airfield for the operations from it for 40 minutes by destroying its
    buildings and static vehicles and planes on it (approximately 80 units by the in-game statistics).
    You need to close the airfield just once for it to be counted towards the KP capture even if
    the airfield re-opens later in the mission.
  7. Plane garages.
    Our project integrates the statistics project by =FB=Vaal and =FB=Isay, so when you join a
    squad on the server’s statistics’ site (we are not going into details on how to do it) you
    immediately gain access to the squad’s garage of planes, which functions as following: all squad’s
    pilots’ garages are joined and their planes are added into the squad garage, the maximum
    available number of planes for the pilot increasing proportionally to the number of pilots in the
    squad. When leaving the squad the pilot leaves all his planes in the squad’s garage.
    For a singleton pilot the garage works this way: the initial number of planes in the garage is
    three, maximum number is five.
    To increase the number of planes available in the pilot’s garage (or squad’s garage) you
    just need to transfer any disarmed plane from one friendly airfield to another.
    You do not need to choose any specific plane for the transfer. The server automaticaly
    determines if you have the plane disarmed and counts it as a supply plane. When you spawn in a
    disarmed plane on an airfield you will get the following message in the game’s chat:
    “<nickname>, Your planes: x. To complete supply mission - drive plane to another
    active airfield”.
    Each supply plane safely transferred gives you one more plane available in the garage.
    Another way to add planes to the garage is to earn supply points and battle points,
    whitch you get for either transferring planes (the former) or by destroying enemy vehicles and
    planes or buildings (the latter).
    The new feature here is that the battle points you get during a flight are either converted
    1:1 to supply points if you land safely or divided by a certain number (from 2 to 20) first
    depending on the severity of the damage you and your plane have suffered as the result of the
    The price of one plane in the garage is 500 supply points.
    The points you earn are spent to ‘buy’ planes automaticaly even if you reached the
    maximum number of planes in the garage, in this case the points are accumulated up to a price of
    1 plane (500) and then lost. That is if you have 5 planes in the garage and you earn 550 points as
    a result of a flight, then 500 points are lost, you still have the same 5 planes and 50 points left to
    add to your future results.
    Auto-replenishment: if your garage is empty, then you get one plane for free after six
    hours have passed since your last flight.
    Server chat messages: the server informs you personally through the in-game chat on
    the current status of the garage and your ‘current points account’: “<nickname!> Your planes:
    x. Supply points: y. Battle points: z.”
    The messages are sent with at least 30 seconds interval. To get a message you need to
    spawn on an airfield, take off or cause damage. You no longer need to send service messages to
    the server as all the processes are automated. The messages are not sent while you are in the
    mission briefing.
    If spawn when you have no planes left in the garage, you will get the following message:
    “<nickname!> Take off not allowed! Complete supply mission to replenish.”, if you
    choose to ignore this message, you will be kicked from the server right after you have taken off.
    We are thankful to:
    The developers – for providing us with tools and devoted assistance.
    Edsger Wybe Dijkstra – for the algorithm of finding a shortest path on a graph with nonnegative
    edges’ weights.
    To the author of this public work – for the excellent description.
    Comrade xedoc – for the developments on RConClient interaction.
    Comrade Yonen – for the server logo and help with the design.
    Comrade 72AG_terror – for this translation.
    The team: