SEOW: Battle of the Bulge 1944 - Saturdays 13.30 BST

We are invited to fly a West front 1944 campaign during the Ardennes offensive.

I and Baz will fly this Saturday, please sign in ASAP if you want to join us!

Aircraft: RAF and USAAF. Fighters, fighter-bombers, bombers, recon, transports etc.

Time: Meet up 13.30 BST on Saturdays, mission start around 14.00.

Mods: HSFX7 4.12.2m + EXPERT.

Teamspeak details
password: seow

Signing up
Campaign section on SEOW HQ:
Sign up in this thread to gain access to the Allies section:

Stuntman - fighter / fighter-bomber
Baz - fighter / fighter-bomber

Please sign up here if you are interested. Optionally write your preferred role.

Some additional useful links:

The Jsgme skins mod pack

Technical info:


I’ve signed up on the SEOW site Stunt.

I’m stuck at work tomorrow and next Saturday but I’m free for the next 2 Saturdays after :slight_smile:

Almost forgot…fighter/bomber please.

I may even be able to join this one?!

Yes. :slight_smile: