Seems PTO is next in il2:GB

-Alongside Svastika there is Japan flag in QMB
-in game files there is Japan flag somewhere too (Gambit told me)
-in ME Japan is listed in available countries (Italy too which i suspect could be expansion made by 3rd party studios if FC or TC won’t get sequel/vol.2 or simply country available for TC)

PTO could be very good news beside carrier landings, cool planes, torpedo runs, sinking ships and warm tropical islands…they finally could polish game engine so more planes, AI and ground units could fit into sceenery without performance sunk and stutters.
I mean they will have to if they want to recreate believable PTO battles.
Carrier defended by multiple destroyers and other ships, number of AA on them will be insane and attacker on them are always complete squadrons.
I find this engine improvement much more important ratger than some gfx improvements they already did and announced (like extreme clouds).

My 2 Eurocents!


I’d seen a MEME on Facebook showing the same thing. Hope it involves carriers and the F4U! (Oh and Seafire!)


Midway, Solomons and Okinawa are what i’m hoping for.
BoBp release could be next week so i guess we’ll find out what’s next in a few weeks top!