{Screenshot} First of the Day (Big Pic)

On the 27th July 1942 Sgt George.F. ‘Screwball’ Beurling attacked the rearmost aircraft in a flight of Macchi 202 fighters of 378* Squadriglia, 155* Gruppo, forcing it away from the flight prior to scoring hits and crippling the aircraft flown by Serg. Magg Falerio Geli…
Geli managed to crash land on the small island of Gozo, just north of Malta.
This was Beurlings first kill of the day in which he claimed two more 202’s destroyed along with two Bf109’s destroyed and two damaged.

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Great pic!:smiley:

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Excellent artwork Kris, but there is an error with the C.202: the fuselage “fascio” must has the blade towards the nose, not the tail.
Like this

Cheers for the ‘heads up’ mate.
'Fraid I have to blame Harpia_Mafra55 for that, the 202 skin is his :rolleyes: