Screen freezes in SOW

For a long time I am suffering screen freezes in SOW. This happens allways near enemy bomber formations. Strange thing is that this for most happens on the SOW server and not for instance offline. I did allready some tweaking with the video settings and track IR without any luck so far :frowning:

This is my setup:

Window 7 64 bit
Intel Core 2 Quad CPU Q6700 @ 2,66 Ghz
RAM 8 Gb
Geforce GTX 770 2Gb

Does anybody have some advice?

yes disable aero desktop in your Windows

Repair the MS-Dotnet
See 5 minutes into this Video:

Re-run the DX-setup
See 5 minutes into this video:

Disable Windows7 Update KB2670838…ead.php?t=3528

Check the Launcher Compatibility in Steam…1788#post41788

Disable any sweetfx or injectfx you have running
Remove dxg9.dll from your game folder

NVidia users, try playing with your NVidia driver settings:…ead.php?t=3135…-settings.html

Try disabling any Printers you might have installed…?t=3977&page=2

Update your Graphics Drivers, and try lowering your in-game Graphics settings…ead.php?t=4037

Disable your Anti-Virus
Find the anti-virus in your task bar or windows task list and disable it. It will restore when you re-boot.

Run the Launcher in “administrator” mode
Place a shortcut to the launcher (from your game folder) on your desktop. When you want to run CloD, right-click the shortcut and select “run as administrator”

then download msi afterburner
start it and run the hardware monitor (cpu gpu temps and usage)
play the game
if you have stutters get back to msi and grab a screenshot

you/we can check if you have high temps throttling down someyhing or 100% gpu of cpu usage etc…

When I’ve flown with you before I thought it happened when you get flames and black smoke mostly?

Yes, it seemed to me the biggest problem. However it occured many times now and it also happens when formations are getting visual.

Thank you Jimmi. You gave me a lot of tools to look at. Will sort that out the next week.