screen flickering in Il-2

Hello I enjoyed the coop monday evening 5-2-2013 with that many people around.

I have problems with map tiles flickering on my ATI HD 6870. On winter maps they are visible and annoying. In summer maps ground tiles light up very brightly, especially close to airfields. What directing should I look to find the right graphic settings. Any search keywords?

Thanks in Advance.

Hmm, I wish I could help…How about your drivers? Are they up to date or the best ones for IL2? I got a GeForce so no problems for me…Some body should know.

Bob I remember reading some thing about that a few years ago, I thing it was in your config ini file cant remember correctly but i think it polygen off set factor, but I think you will find a solution for it with a guick google m8


Yes, correct Red was Polygon Offset to set for eliminate flickering.
For sure copying Apollo I would suggest to update your drivers to the latest version.
If you need a complete file of config.ini explanations the net is full of it or just send me a PM with your mail. :wink:

Solved for now by switching from OpenGL to DirectX.