Scorched Earth BoB Squadron allocation

As we are getting closer to the live campaign it is time to start thinking about squadrons. I can get 331, 310 and 602 into the campaign as default squadrons, however 92, 19 and 51 will have to take on an alias identity.
Is there a preference that you’d like to use or do I have carte blanche.

Also I’m getting a skin pack together. There will be six Hurricane skins available all will be slightly different. I shall be linking those skins to the different squadrons. I’ll post up some screenies once I’ve got it together.

As there will be 2 missions a night you will need to sort out who is flying in which mission. Rough times for the starts will be 20:30GMT and 21:45GMT.
Both will be very strict 1 hour missions, with an rtb message given out in the final 15 mins.

Im in the process of making a 19 skin with no markings so we can all use it.
Do you mind if i send it to you once im done?

I’m not going down that road again after the last time, where I spent too much time chasing after skins. I have all the skins I’ll use already.
I’ll allocate the skins I already have to the squadrons as I finish up the template.

Thanks Brigstock, that sounds good to me.

Does that mean skins will be on though?

Skins on?
Yes Dan, but if you have the skins in your folder and you pick the right squadron skin there should be no problems with down-load.

It’d be better to leave the skins as Brigstock supplies them (no customising).

There will be a skinpack with defaults for each squadron to use. For this to work will mean me putting skins on…however anyone trying to slip in a skin that isn’t in the skinpack will degrade my connection and cause possible lag. If that is the case that player will be booted. There are going to be potentially 20 players online in each mission. If one person uses a skin that isn’t in the pack that will mean that skin has to piggy back my connection. 20 meg on top of the game data is too much. If three people come in with there own skin that’ll be 60 meg on my connection. Which will be like me try to upload a 60 meg file while hosting. I can’t allow that to happen.

Rgr Brigs, thanks for telling us how it works.

What’s the theory behind this Brigs? Looking at Sqn lists of the time only 51 and 331 were not actually involved in the battle. Granted, some of the other units flew Spits instead of Hurris and did not fly from the airfields we have available but why not stick to our EAF designations? I don’t think its too much of a bastardisation to make. Just curious.

It’s your toy set though! :slight_smile:


I’m going to use in game squadrons. 310, 331 and 602 are all in the IL2 as defaults. 92, 51(obviously) and 19 aren’t. Skins will be unmarked and using in game markings. This is being dictated by IL2/SE constraints more than anything else. So 92, 51 and 19 will have to choose a Squadron as an Alias. No1 for example out of tangmere or 81 or 242 (Baders Sq)

Ah, gotcha. Thanks mate, now I remember you saying this a while back. Disregard all after ‘What’s’ in my previous post!