I’ve got a half year left of Junior High school, and our class got a project where we can make what we want in twelve weeks. I was planning to make a Spitfire in scale 1:30 or something around that.

But I don’t know where to find good and detailed drawings of the plane… I was wondering if any of you guys know about a site with drawings and maybe some explanations how to do it…:slight_smile:

I have made a plane before, but that was in 1:50 scale, and made in short time…

maybe here?

try on google is full of photos of this plane

Plastic model, or build from scratch?

Try to make it in 1:24 perhaps, there’s plastic models in that scale (though they might be hard to find).

Well, the plan was to make it in wood, from scratch.

So Blueprints will help?

scroll down to different supermarine spitfire versions:

this site seems ggod:

some examples, here a plan for a model:


yes, thanks. Those blueprints could come in handy:)

Here’s a very cool project:

you need an Hangar for do this LOL

hehe, that was a very professional project.:smiley:

Wish I could make a Spitfire like that;)