Saying Hi,

Hello all,
Just a line to say ‘hello’.
As a matter of interest I am looking to join a new squad, reason is that in my current squad most of the members have decided to take a ‘sabatical’ for various reasons, and being a sad barsteward I feel I need a squad to fly with.
Bit of history on myself.
Ex army bloke who now works for Her Majesty (gawd bless 'er) who has been flying il2 since it came out.
I have a mid/high spec PC with all the bits (trackir4 pro, mic etc) and fly soley ‘Full Switch’.
I seem to have an addiction to skinning Allied aircraft for this game, but mainly Spitfires and Hurricanes.

So there you are, if I get any answers I would like to hook up on night for a fly around (although I am working nights till the 15th April)



Hi Kristorf, welcome to our humble abode. :slight_smile:

I’ve been a big fan of your skins since you created some Mossie skins a while back.

I’m on a bit of a sabbatical myself at the moment (thanks to work) but look to be back flying after next week. Catch you then maybe.



Hello there Kristorf!

Are you THE Kristorf by any chance - skinner extraordinaire?? If so in the words of Wayne and Garth: ‘We’re not worthy!’:w00t: :w00t: Always amazed by your screenies posted on simHQ!!

You’ve come to the right place with EAF anyhow WE fly full switch too and I’m sure you’ll find someone for a test fly round with. What’s your HL nickname and I’ll look out for you?

All the squadrons in EAF are good - so take your time to see which you’d like to join but a quick advert for the one I’m in - 602 Sqn (part of EAF) before the other sods get in and start making cracks about haggis (i’m English so we are a mixed bunch ) - you can be assured of a warm welcome, lots of banter and beer!

Did I say beer again?

Anyhow mate -welcome to the forums and hope to fly with you soon!

Hi Kris,

You’ll find the EAF very welcoming. Most have seen you’re skinning talents.

Looking at the squadrons in no particular order, you’ve got 19, 602 and 92 all based in the UK. 331 in Sweden. 310 and 332 a mix of Dutch, German, Estonia. 51, Italy and Spanish. (Hoping I’ve not missed anyone)

Have a look around in the various forums and get stuck in.

HL from 8pm onwards.

Welcome Chris, glad to see you thinking of moving:D
See you in the skys soon i hope:)

Hi Mate, Welcome to EAF. As keets said 92, 602 and 19 are all uk based and all are excellent squadrons.

Our usual squad nights are mondays and thursdays and we are currently involved in a ongoing Battle of Britain campaign so the more pilots the better.

Look forward to seeing you online.

S! Meako

Hi Kris

If you’re looking for a new ‘home’ you’ve come to the right place. I can only ditto what Keets said above. All the Squadrons here are good people to fly with :slight_smile:

Welcome Kristorf, nice to have you on board :slight_smile:

Hi chris!

Welcome to EAF. As others said, take a look around the squads and you will feel home pretty soon. :slight_smile:

Cheers for the welcome, will pop in after my nights.

H/L tag at this time is just ‘Kristorf’

Hi Kristorf, and welcome.

Be aware, once you join EAF you will never look back :wink:

Seriously, Im sure you will find yourself at home here pretty soon if you decide to join. :slight_smile:

Hope to fly with you soon

Welcome Kristorf, I’m sure you will fit right in with whatever squadron you join. Look forward to flying with you soon.

Right, I have sent of the old app, so how do I change my name (as requested to do) in the set-up. Tad thick on thinks like this you see, its me age…:wink:

Just PM Mikke, he can change it for you mate.
Looking forward to you doing some skins for us:D
Thought you would get away with it:p

Didn’t receive your application yet…Mikke?

Anyway, your nick in HL should be EAF_T_Kristorf…yes, you are a trainee now :wink:

Hi Kristorf, or are you changing that?

Welcome to EAF, and I hope to see you around :slight_smile:

Welcome Kris, hope to fly with you soon,

An ex Army chap… lucky bugger!!! :slight_smile:

(A still in the Army chap, 4 years to push) :frowning:

4 years your lucky… got 15:D

The application is in, haven’t recieved any error message about it. Any T/O have seen it?

Welcome to EAF anyway. :slight_smile:

Welcome to EAF, they are all a good bunch of lads. I hope you like it here.