Saturday Night Evening

You guys ready for another late night gaming experience!?

I want to blow some stuff up in my B-25 “Terminator”! :banana:

Shouldn’t we form a thread here in the pub area where Joe who hosts the Campaign can tell us whether he can fly a weekend? Else if no Mareth Line, we all can fly on a DF server together!

I’m at least here for Saturday.

Aw god bless yer Stuntman.

Sign me up please, I’m in.

More late night hardcore pilots required!!!:smiley:

Walty? Charlie? Joe?..

Now, off for me nap.


I hope to be with you, but tomorrow i have to play with my band, i think i’ll be online at 3.00…maybe too late!!! :smiley: :wink:

Out for dinner…
Not sure to be at home in time and not tired.

No problem gents. Real life first! Hopefully some can still join for tonight. Any numbers will do for some DF server fun, if not Mareth Line DCG. :slight_smile:

I can’t make it tonight either, sorry Stuntman.

Maybe we can fly a few Mareth Line DCG missions on Monday while we wait to see what’s happening with the SEOW’s.

Well, I can host an online DCG for “a select few”:smiley: if required… Hurribombers over Normandy?..etc, if someone wants to suggest a time.