Saturday night action?

Hi all

As my CO is away for the weekend and I am literally left holding the baby is anyone around for a game of BFBC2 on saturday night? anytime after 21:00hrs BST is good for me :slight_smile: I think Zulu will be there as well but maybe with a few more players we can make a squad together

My CO is out on saturday night, so im available but do not have this game, but am available for many other games.

What strategy games do you have available Meako? maybe a 3 VS AI romp’a stomp :slight_smile:

Empire & Napoleon Total War. Company of Heroes total Valor and the previous ones. Lord of the Rings somat or other.

Sure i got some others can’t think of at the mo.

Could always have a bash of Rise of Flight too.

I have C&C Generals, C&C Generals Zero Hour, CoH opposing fronts and world in conflict. But none of those games are installed on this machine and I dont know how easily they can be forced into windows 7.

I’ll give one a go if you have one of those games though :slight_smile: