Salute you Banzi S!

Thank you very much Banzi,

for yesterday BW…, I couldnt resist that 3 109’s for much longer. Fortunately you came and you save my ass :slight_smile:

Our mission was intercept Stukas on K12, but we got bandits hight and they start to engage us. I got separed from the rest of the group, the fight has been started…, the 335th squad was the ones that was striking us. Warlord lost a wing and he was shoot down. When I got 109’s on my 6, I asked for help and Banzi come to help…, he cleared my 6, but we still on the fight 3vs2…, unfornatelly I coudnt do the same to Banzi, he was shoot down…, my apolagizes Banzi :frowning:


Nice Banzi and Cassa , good killer:)


Np Cassa! :wink:

It was my duty to help you, and I think I died cause I made a bad choice deciding to take the 37mm cannon, which made the Yak-9M stall very easily at low speed… :frowning:
In fact, I was hit after a stall (the plane rolled 180° to the left, and I found myself upside-down at less than 100m above the ground), and few seconds earlier I had missed the 109 who downed me due to cannon’s low rate of fire!
Had I had the default 20mm cannon, that enemy would be KIA, not me :mad: