Until march 4th. 50% off planes…I just went crazy and purchased a bunch, lol…
So now I’ll probably get pissed off at the Jasta guys and never fly ROF again.


I just purchased the Bristol F2b (with a few addons), I promised myself. :smiley:

I hear the Breguet calling to me…:rolleyes:


Thanks Apollo!

I have one better for those that still don’t own the game (or simply wish Steam version, one can use steam install later with old login, but can’t merge accounts into one to have all planes/maps).

So for just 4$ you get steam ROF and one DLC (think that totals in 10-13 right there + that map I still don’t have :)) and you get some other indie games.

Shame this was not here 2 weeks ago, I’d like Steam version more, keeps it simpler to stay in touch with rest of my buddies while gaming. You know, those ‘normal gamers’ that don’t buy a PC’s worth of peripherals to play a game or two :smiley: