S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Has arrived :)

I just noticed I pre-ordered the radiation collectors edition @ £24.99, and now they are selling it at £34.99 bargain :smiley:
Comes in a nice rustly looking tin box with bonus DVD and maps , survival guide and unlockable exclusive MP maps :slight_smile:

Installing now …

A stalking simulation?


Hmm not happy TBH … AA not working, I refuse to play anything with jaggies full stop.
And ok I might only have an X1950 pro, but indoors with nothing going on, sub 20 fps unless I drop too 1024x768 … they took 6 years to release it and haven’t bothered to optimise the damn game ???

Was this released by UBI?

Im asking because they also released SH4 these days with fixed 1024x768 resolution and no support of AA etc…
Setting a higher resolution only works for the 2D controlpanel but the 3D is just stretched from 1024x768 to the higher resolutions causing big jaggies. :bootyshk:
Quite poor for a 2007 game.

PAF you have SH-4? Didn’t know it was released? Is it better than SH-3 with upgraded graphics?

No don’t have it and it seems so buggy I gonna wait a few months, grab it for 1/4 the money, bugfree and with alot of nice Mods :slight_smile:

Just look over at the subsim-forums, I don’t know if I should laugh or cry :confused:


P.S. : Today (release-day) is the first patch out. Its clear that Ubi released a halfready game, worser than SH3 was vanilla. I really hope Oleg is getting the time he needs!!!

No not Ubi.
did a search and looks like maybe the game engine doesnt allow AA, it uses its own type which allegedly is crap … I cant even tell that as whatever position I put the in game setting it still looks no different.

TBH pretty poor effort :mad:

tryied it but dont like!

Now I have the grahics horsepower for it, I have started playing it, and its not bad, nothing out of the ordinary but kinda like oblivion with a more fps based style in future times.
As a bit of a poor FPS player personally, it is proving fun and frustrating in equal measure !

I’ve had it since it came out, not impressed, haven’t played it in about a month… Pity.

It gets better once you get into it, especially with better weapons, suits and artifacts. Quite a few tweaks have been added to improve the graphics, gameplay and sounds. My fav for much improved graphics is by this lad ~ thefloatingpoint.org

A new patch is also out, with a promise for a dual core improvement patch next. (if you have one, i don’t) Haven’t played any FPS in an age and trying it on the recommended veteran level (with crosshairs for now) a good challenge.

There are also some realism mods about that change the effects of weapons and armour, respawns, prices etc and it’s said to make it “feel” more balanced and real. Stalker Mods

Sticking with the original and improved graphics for now.

The sub missions also add bonuses and meeting the mutants for the first time made me jump. Haven’t played in a while, but that’s due to R/L, but hope to finish this one in the summer :slight_smile:

Will try this graphics mod ta Swoop :slight_smile:
I assume I just download this new “Flaot32_1.5157a_NV_Cumulative_Patch1” and run it ?

Yep that’s the one, has a proper installer to :slight_smile: Recommend backing up your Gamedata dir first (if you have one) so you can go back if you want.

Just downloading a sharper graphics pack, the lad went through all the 1300 + of images and sharpened them :eek: 200 + meg download. Meant to work with float graphics and OLMOD so trying. Doesn’t hit performance apparently. Check out the linky for pics of the improvements ~ Sharper images pack

Majik is such a sucker for eye candy…me 2 mate. :smiley:

OLMOD also looks interesting with a collection of the best mods. For example the sub missions were capped at 1 day, which with all the other stuff going is to short, been increased 10 days now. Loads of other stuff in that one, plus a good readme on what he’s included and what and how you can leave stuff out. These Mods make more sense once you’ve been playing for a bit and see what’s needed to make the game better.

Noticed that some lad has even created a HUD icon modifier :slight_smile: So quite a few tweaks going on.

Must get back to work :wink:

Ohh those new weapon explosion effects look cool…


Gotta admit that this damned game is addictive (although I can leave it at any time, honest), the game play and graphics are awesome (if you have a PC that can handle the load).
Am downloading the tweak patch now so I will see what effect it has.