Rumours of my death have been over...aaaggghhhhh

Well, some of you may have thought that my long silence was attributable to an untimely but not altogether undeserved death. The truth is more prosaic… an untimely lack of time, computer connectivity and hours in the day. I won’t say exactly where I am in case any of my creditors see this, but I am still with my lovely lady in the land of Cromwell and Nelson. Actually, I am currently farther south than that, rebuilding and renovating my Mothers new home. And typing this on a 15" CRT monitor. I really must hack into my Mothers bank account and buy her a new computer.

Don’t think I have been idle, though. I have been reviewing some examples of low flying and when I get back I will expect ALL of you to be confident flying under bridges inverted with wheels down, and of course blindfolded. You that is. Blindfolded. Not the wheels. It would be a bit pointless to blindfold the wheels.

I had the great privilege of seeing this performed live at Farnborough in 1996. Some of you may be familiar with it, but it is worth a second look. For those of you that have never seen it, prepare to be amazed. This aircraft weighs 18.5 tonnes empty, 35 tonnes fueled and bombed up. It should go in straight lines only. But, thanks to thrust vectoring and those Crazy Russian Pilots, it goes… like this