Router Internet Trouble

Hi all,

Im having some trouble setting up a router for use with two PC’s and a BT internet connection. The router is a Netgear RP614 and I use one at my house on an NTL line but recently my cousin wanted that same set up doing on his BT line.
I connected the broadband line into the router and also the two PC’s and the LAN works perfectly but the internet is another matter. I have it set up like my own (Automatically assign IPs etc) but it won’t work like that and all it displays when you open up a browser is the ‘page cannot be displayed’ message.
With the netgear router it has an auto detect function where-by it can try and search for what type of internet set up you have but when I run that it comes up saying the line is a ‘fixes (static) line’ I know that NTL do not have fixed IP addresses so I presumed nor to BT. When I click ‘next’ it asks me to fill in the internet IP, Subnet mask, Gateway IP and then the DNS server IP, Im not quite sure what to enter into here as I don’t have these details provided by BT, does anyone know a way I can find them out?
After phoning BT up the advisor told me that they don’t have fixed IP addresses so I am kind of stuck because on auto-detect settings the PC’s can’t pick up the internet.

Anyone have any ideas?