Room Clearing...

A Norwegian squad trains on tactical room clearing and show their excellent skill in how to do it…

I guess the hostiles will be in so much pain from laughing that they’ll surrender :roflmao:

Good thing it was only a flashbang and not a frag, that would really have messed up their day… :smiley:

My housemate was in the University Officer Training Corp for a while, and saw something similar but with a simulated frag grenade! Throw grenade through door, wait, run through door too early and get blown up by your own grenade!

Ill bet every counter-terrorist force has made this mistake in training, even the SAS. Its good way to learn NOT to do it in the real thing.

I saw a clip once where a Swat team member, in a real situation, prepared a flashbang to use, but then the situation quickly changed. He put his flashbang back on his belt while it was still armed - and it went off. burned him seriously and nearly blew the whole raid.

Yup! That is one of the big reason to train, to make the mistakes where they will not kill you. :slight_smile:

Oh… If you people only knew!..

Just how bad would the Court Martial come down on you Troops…if you sneaked a mobile phone with video cam into training :wink:

1. Ordered to changed from a ‘live firing’ exercise half way through to ‘blank’…
Voiced my concerns that there was scope for disaster, not a good idea… Later that night, ambushed a section of Gurhkas, we were firing blanks, they returned fire with LIVE!
The tree branches six inches above my head were shredded…:rolleyes:

2. Ordered to engage an APC on the range with a 120mm sabot round…
Voiced my concerns that it appeared to be just outside the range arc markers, and also that it looked ‘brand new’ and servicable, not a target hulk on the range.
Was told to stop questioning a fire order and engage… I still refused!
As I was being verbaly bollocked again, the hatch on the ‘target’ vehicle opened, and eight guys got out!!! :eek:
They are lucky I was switched on that morning, or I can guarantee all of them would have been killed… Have you seen what a 120mm fin stabilised discarding sabot can do to an APC?

3. During a live firing battle group attack, my three tanks were engaged and ‘bracketted’ by a ‘friendly’ mortar team.
Two airbursts exploded directly over my vehicle and wrecked all the sights and optics… Luckily, I’d ordered my crew to shut all the hatches and close down…:frowning:

I could go on and on…

If you keep voicing your concerns, being so bloody sensible and saving lives, you’ll never get another stripe.

Where do the officers get taught common sense?

lol… I’ve been asking that question for years! :angel7: