RoF, needs constant connection

Looks as if the developers have just lost lots of potential customers due to the need to be connected to the I-net even to play offline

Don’t know why they have implimented this but from comments on other boards it looks like a major foopar with people saying they won’t buy it.

It’s the way gaming is going. Don’t be surprised if SoW doesn’t follow a similar model…Oleg has hinted as much in the past, he even talked about pay per month once.

There is a lot of people upset because of the DRM issues surrounding the game. I have no problem with that. If the game wants to validate who I am and that I have a bought the game…that’s fine, becuase it does that i needn’t worry about NOCD cracks. I mean If it wasn’t for cookies I’d have to validate myself every time I visited the EAF forum or SimHQ.

What is required is that you are access to the internet. (I am, 24/7, I connect via a router like the majority of us). Obviously those in a poor connection area will suffer and I feel for them. But in all honesty those saying they wont buy the game because it wants to connect to the internet are cutting off their noses to spite their faces. For a start every time you start your Vista PC, it calls home. I have various apps on my PC that all run a check to see if they are the latest version before they start. I spend most of my gaming nights with HL ticking along in the background pinging a server in CZ constantly.

You start the game and sign in, it then downloads any patches.
Then you either go online or you play in Offline (internet not needed for this, you can disconnect if you want) End of the mission, the result is uploaded to a central stats database (need to reconnect to the I-net again). It’s a new way of doing things yes, bringing about Armageddon…no. Which, if you read the forums, many people seem to think it is doing.

For me the only real perceived difference is that I’ll need to put a user name and password in when the game starts. Everything else is all in the background and I wont even see it.

All I can say, Brigstock is that I highly disagree. But Ill say no more since I dont want to upset any friends if possible. Ive already been banned off one forum due to my stringent views on this. Ill avoid that for the sake of EAF.

However I do agree that this is the way games are going. I dont believe its ok or right. We should not just suck on it and live with it. If SOW follows suit I`m out. Before long it will be Pay to Play…

p.s. Didnt know Vista called home every time you started it, but does that mean I must be online or it wont start?

Whatever we feel about RoF being invasive or at least taking draconian measures to try to limit piracy, can we say our pieces and leave it at that please? After seeing the mess at SimHQ’s RoF forum I foresee bitter arguments developing about it in our comradely forums if we’re not careful and whatever it is, it is. Like the referee’s decision we’ll have to abide by whatever neoqb decide, they don’t really listen to potential purchasers and we end up in conflict taking sides when there are no sides. It’s only a game after all

It’s like war. Psychopaths love war because they then have a cover story for murder. DRM is the war in this scenario and we must all be on spot-the-psycho alert. No names no pack drill :slight_smile:

I run Steam games and I run EA games, Black Shark: none are any bother. This one will be the motherlode and I’m a gambler. What have we got to lose but all the cash in our bank accounts? A good WW1 sim will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no-flying Rise of Flight missions. I bet :slight_smile:


I’m not totally sure it does (even though it does want to check for updates if you have that on), but Vista will happily run even when not online.

As to RoF, I don’t like that it HAVE to be connect to play, but it’s not what makes or breaks it for me.

Vista will start obviously, but it still tries to call home every time you start it without you even knowing it. XP does the same when ever you update it.
Pretty much every PC application out there has a routine to call home, auto updates etc.
Some of the more expensive applications, autocad for example, require a USB dongle to run too.

The kind of DRM in place for RoF isn’t that intrusive, it isn’t scanning your HDD for credit cards. It sends a simple packet with a few bytes of info to update a database and confirm you are who you say and that it is your copy of RoF.

Far worse is going on in your PC right now. Tracking cookies, sending information about what sites you visit, are probably sitting on your PC right now.

Even Internet Explorer sends a shed load of info to every site you visit. What OS you’re running, your IP address what exchanges you are using. It wont be long before you ISP starts to monitor your internet activity be default. They do it now but on a small scale.

People who don’t buy RoF will miss out. At least half of those who say they wont buy now will eventually buy.

From what I can gather mate you can’t switch off when flying offline, the question was asked and here was their answer

  1. Do I need an internet connection to play ROF?
    Yes, because first of all we are talking about online service, where you can get together with many other people with same interests, where you can get in groups and play against other users or AI and many more.
  2. What kind of copy protection is used in ROF?
    User online authorization, which processed in game GUI each time you startup “Rise of Flight”.
  3. Can I play ROF in offline mode?
    No, you can’t.
  4. If an internet connection fails while playing ROF, what will happen? Can I start the next mission? Same with career mode, what will happened with my statistics?
    “Connection error” message will appear and you will not be able to continue without proper internet connection, thus all statistics will be lost. But if connection to the internet will be reestablished before the end of the mission this problem might not appear. Please note that multiplayer mode will crash due to lack of internet connection.

It doesn’t bother me in the slightest…but who is to say that next on the agenda is a pay /month senario after you have bought the game??

But if connection to the internet will be re-established before the end of the mission this problem might not appear

The essence is that when offline you aren’t sending traffic constantly to their servers. You send a little when starting up and then the result at the end of the mission.

The “I need to be constantly connected to the internet for offline” arguement doesn’t hold water. There aren’t many who aren’t constantly on line via their routers.

Kind of like playing RO offline via steam.

Yea, but the program wont cease to function if I say no`.

Even if youre right its still too much for me.

That`s why I use Spybot and adaware regularly along with Zone alarm. I know most times when something phones home. Steam does it shockingly much.

At the end of the day, once Im done on line I pull out the ethernet cable or pop Zone Alarm on. If my game program runs Im happy. If it tells me it cant run cos it wants to continue spying on me, I dont like it. Windows keep s running. Internet Explorer keeps running. I`m happy. I tolerate Steam cos it allows me to run Offline.

Yep. Well, Im not like most people. I stick to my guns. I dont care if a game is like the Holodec on the Star trek enterprise I wont except [i]anything[/i] just because its a genre I like or love if it crosses my principles too much. I do compromise sometimes, but theres a limit where I wont budge.

But Ming is right. Ive had my say and will say no more, no matter how much Im baited. This could turn ugly and Im determined Im not going to go that far.

End of conversation for me.

I’ve followed this and must say that visualy its PDG… but just can’t get excited about WWI biplanes unfortunately.
Not sure if I’m for the need to be constantly online or not… I guess it means that many people won’t be able to buy it anyway as they don’t go online… (yes there are people like that, I know three of them… lol)
Yes, I play Half Life on steam… but is the RoF system going to be more intrusive than that?
The thought of SoW going that way will take some getting used to.
I think we are all so used to the IL2 system that we have become conditioned to our gaming that way…

[QUOTE=PeaceMakerEAF92;113993]Even if youre right its still too much for me.QUOTE]

+1 :frowning:

I just had a couple of hours getting GTA4 reinstalled and running. You have to join the Microsoft Live 360 Club and sign in with UserID and password and if you don’t sign in every time you want to play you can’t save your game progress

It’s the best game I’ve played for years so I don’t care

Fallout3 I had to buy Mickey-Mouse 360 ‘points’ <groan> which are virtual currency- in order to get the downloadable content

When you see it Dave I confidently predict that you’ll want it very badly, sign in sign out sacrifice your first-born who cares :slight_smile:

I remember people complaining about having to answer questions before installing a game like ‘In your manual what is the third word on the fourteenth line?’

And there were cards in the box with a matrix of coloured rectangles ‘What colour is the box in the fourth row down and tenth box along?’

Colour-blind people and anyone unable to read English were of course out of luck

There were no 200-post angry threads in forums because there weren’t any forums. Happy days

Don’t get me started on how patches were made available but pigeons were involved. And quite probably hot air balloons :slight_smile: