RoF Mondays

Thinking of a small try out tomorrow night.
I have a back up of the campaign from where we left off, so we can pick up from there.

Anyone up for it?

Yep. I can’t get on until 9:30pm though?? If its a problem or I’m late, go without me. I’ll pop in and say hello anyway.

It’ll be 9:30.

Toying with changing the night, cause Monday is no longer ideal for me.
We’ll see what peeps think

2130 is fine for me, although changing the night may be an issue…only Mondays and Wednesdays are free for me

Working. :frowning:


Most likely too much work. Maybe I will look around in TS, but my mic is broken …

I am up for it unless I go out, but for now such plans do not exist.

I assume this is 21:30 GMT, but better to check to be sure?