RoF Monday 18/02

Sign up for Mondays Mission


Keets Unavailable
Marsh Unavailable
Swoop Unavailable
Osprey Unavailable

Jojko is signing up!

fire up the old pup, im in :slight_smile:

Unfortunately working Brigs.:frowning:

I’m in although I may have to drop out at the last minute. Sorry.


No probs WB.
I’ll add you parked to one side just in case you don’t make it

Should be there.


Updated the Stats.

Notable changes.

Whiskey was awarded a DSO and Puff made Lieutenant.
Also of note was that PWCG gave Puff a CLII kill, so it’s been added

…and Jojko joined the campaign and survived …welcome Jojko

well, it was nice flight, I can say I completed my goal to stay alive, if I was a bit more lucky, I could even score a kill…100% satisfaction, this is the game I was looking for as I got here, thank you guys! :anpeace:

Great mission again Brigs. Quite intense at times again. Can’t believe we were flying for nearly an hour, seemed like only minutes.

And nice to meet Jojko too, nice flying mate.


A kill, wounded and survived the archie…things are looking up lol

Hey friends, are we flying tonight? I was waiting for new thread from Brigs to sing up as the last time…Something is happening?

The thread goes up during the day on Monday and I check it for final numbers just before I build the mission at 20:30 GMT.