ROF discount 60%

As title says, 60% discount for anything you buy from November 26th till December 2nd.

I am aware not many EAF are into it, but still worth to mention it because for me, this one is only worthy replacement for IL2. And yet, even this one is 6 years old, but I fear it will be 6 more before we see another leap like this in FM and DM quality again.


Thanks Cy.

I hope BoS matures as well as RoF has, cracking sim.

Would be interesting to hear your thoughts about the hot topic in the Briefing room mate.

Thanks Cyclops.

…adding to my ROF fleet.

Also heartening news from 777 regarding the continued development of ROF, so definitely a sim worth investing in.


I don’t feel I can properly evaluate BOS yet. I’ve given all my flight time to ROF and Elite Dangerous lately, so much so I have even missed info that BOS was released and went into stores. :slight_smile:
Personally, I find BOS great in dog fight and flight in general in QMB, but it’s still lacking in content. Something like PWCG for ROF must be made so we can have some coop sessions at least against AI, if not against human sqn.
That would be enough for me to get me going seriously with that sim on daily basis.

But for now I am entertained enough with two I mentioned before, so BOS, and my humble but final opinion of it, will have to wait. Hopefully some of the things will be ironed out by the time I give full attention to the game. For now I can only say that I really like how is feels like it has steeper learning curve then original IL2, at least in taxi and landing department. I like it that way and find FM more enjoyable then 1946 and less forgiving then CloD when it comes to AoA effects. To little experience to comment any other aspect really, but to me it seems like it has great future if they would keep adding content to it.

But to sum it up, I think it’s worth 60$ at it’s current state (you can really skip FW and La5 at first and not miss much if you ask me). Just don’t expect everything perfect from day one, it takes year or two for sims to blossom, but we all know that on this forum :). I am optimistic for now, much more then I’d admit to devs on their forum, we need to pressure them into making it better before they decide to do something else :smiley: