RoF Campaign Updates

Current Campaign Structure:

As we are no longer in the Arras/Lens Area, I think we can park Pafs Mod for now. However we are still using Mods so the server remains “Mods On”

The server is currently using :-
PWCG ver.15.10
A selection of Mods from ROF Refined v1.01 (Individual) -->
As per the below screen. None of these Mods are required by the player. As long as the server runs them the player gets the effect.

It is recommended that the below Mods are downloaded and installed by the player to get the best from the campaign

Remove Ambient Flak --> (Also available in the RoF Refined package)
Static Planes -->
Soldier Package -->

A full set of SE5 Skins for WW1EAF and also Camel Skins for Puff and myself, that are being used in the Campaign at the moment.
EAF Skins -->[ Skins.exe]( Skins.exe)

Campaign Kill board under RoF campaigns on the 92 Squadron site -->

Brigs or Paf, I can’t download Paf’s mod, comes down as a partial download of 0KBs. Have you got another link please?

Also where did you get the terrain bump mod?


Hi Swoop,

I’ve just this minute downloaded the latest PWCG from and it worked fine.

Ankors Terrain mod here: (although I think it might be included in the RoF Refined compilation. It is certainly listed in the ‘a la carte’ version of RoF Refined)

Are we likely to see you joining us again in Brigs’ excellent Monday night campaign? We’ve had some really intense battles lately.


EDIT: Sorry Swoop, mis-read your post. I read Pat for Paf! Brigs link for Paf’s download works OK for me.

Thanks WB, I’ll check out those links. Paf’s zip does download okay but when I check it its 0KB?

With Cyclops returning and further interest in ROF I hope to jump in with him at some point soon but also need to get some P38 practice for Thursday’s SEOW this Monday. Hopefully get Ming in with us to.

Pafs Mod is only for the Monday Campaign.
It needs to be used during mission creation for it to work in RoF

For the Bump mod check the RoF site’s mod section

First post updated with WIP PWCG files required for Paf’s mods

A week or two Swoop, battling with 8.1 and TIR at the mo, patching to the IL-2 tomorrow in BoF, found the fix for CoD it’s all go I tells yah


Just tell us what issues you’re facing with installations on 8.1 and I am sure someone will know how to solve it. I had only slight problem with steam version of Cliffs, but everything else worked normally.

As for TIR, I downloaded latest software from their website and there was no issues in any way so far. Using 64bit version of 8.1.

Campaign standard is now Compilation 1.01 downloadable from the link in post 1

First Post updated

Hmm when I enable those mods, one after another, I always get some message of warning of already used resource and then previous mods gets grayed out. It that normal?

You have probably already got some mods installed.

What I’ve posted is only really required when flying in the campaign

Well I do fly one with Baz every chance we get. And I’d like to join you guys as well if possible. Seems no one was around this Monday tho, let me know when is the next session and I’ll gladly join in.

It’s every Monday and you’ll have to sign up for it.
The missions are made for the players taking part.

There is no option for the casual player, players who will be flying answer the roll call and I edit the mission to include them.

Understood Brigs, I am very serious about it. Finishing my training in IL2, only one more stage left and then I’m committing to ROF full time until EAFgets more seriously involved in some of the IL2 sequels.

Sqn 51 already doing it in CLOD, will have to wait and see how things develop for everyone else, especially 19th, but I do plan on flying ROF every time unless real life gets in a way. And considering my kids age, I don’t really have anything better to do at evenings but fly, so you can for sure count on me as a regular participant.