RoF Campaign temporarily Suspended

Me Graphics card has died on me.

Might be a few weeks before I’m back up and running

No probs Brigs…hope it won’t be to long to get you back on ops :slight_smile:

Hope so too.

The Campaign is going to get a little bitty for the next month or so.

Graphics card failures and 3 weeks away on holiday next month will impact the campaign.

Normal service will resume mid August though.

I’ll be flying and hosting some ROF missions like one in campaign tonight.

Anyone is welcome to join in and there is no need to announce it since I won’t be fiddling with names, we just occupy any generated pilots name/spot and go for it.

Other settings are the same, but consider it a practice in which you’re free to have a go against odds to see the limits since it can’t cost you virtual life in actual campaign…

Nearly back up.

Turns out it was the motherboard, probably the PCI bus.

CPU M/B replaced. Just setting up the cooling today.
Which means I won’t really be ready again by tomorrow night, but next week I will be.