RoF Campaign 07/07

Finally back up and running

Anyone around tonight?

yep, count me in

Meh, I’m sorry but I am off for a long time if something does not change. Moved to summer house where I have my PC and internet, but still don’t expect to be anywhere near HOTAS in next couple of months.

Shame, I really enjoyed ROF in last few months and learned maybe just enough to be a proper wingman once again. Will join you hopefully after summer if you will still be doing some coops by then, since BOS is due release about that same time and that means most will shift interest towards it.

Have fun fellas and see you when I get some tan :slight_smile:


Yey! I should be good to go.


Guys, Im going to call off, I am very tired and been up since 430am this morning…going to grab an early night…sorry and catch you all next week :frowning:

S’pose that’s a cancel till nest week then?



We had a pretty good outing as a 2 ship escorting Bombers.

First time I’ve seen Mission Completed message too :slight_smile: