ROF 60% off

Probably most of you with interest in ROF know this, but I like to point it out since everyone needs something extra, and discounts are nice time to get it.

I’ve got myself that Channel map for my main account, so I can play on Baz favorite playground with all my planes and not those limited few I had on steam account :slight_smile:

See you soon fellas. By end of the month for sure, but hopefully even sooner. Need to reinstall CloD as well.

Thanks for the “heads up” Cyclops. I just spotted the notification email in my inbox.

It might be time to buy the Felixstowe…:rolleyes:


It’s quite odd that one, I mean, has some fun factor. Like a flying boat and they simulated quite well feeling on the water.

It’s just that flying a boat itself when you lift up is not all that fun to me (but I was never into bombers, think I lack patience for that :)).

P.S. I managed to fly first mission yesterday, I am not well enough to fight against human opponent, but against AI I can manage. Leg is now kind of stiff, knee pain seem to be gone or almost gone, but 8 weeks of inactivity did big damage to muscles. Therapy starts today and it will sort it out over time, but I can finally use my pedals just enough for some SP or coop fun against AI.

Update: Big Sale from October 26th till November 3rd! 60% OFF (Sikorsky S-22 and S-16 not included)

Winter sale! Up to 60% discount for all Rise of Flight planes and items, including Sikorsky S-16 and ‘Ilya Muromets’ S-22 planes, and other RoF items are offered with up to 60% discount till 10 AM Pacific time January 4th, both in Rise of Flight store and on RoF Steam page.

Heads up - Big 7th Anniversary Sale from May 23rd, 2016 till May 30th, 2016. Up to 66% OFF!

ROF Big Halloween Sale from October 28th, 2016 till November 1st, 2016, up to 66% OFF!

For those in open cockpit: 66% off, Cristmas sale.

Arturo, are you or anyone else here still playing ROF?

I still do, only Syndicate guys all swapped to IL2:BOX so once again I’m mostly on solo patrols.

Syndicate vintage missions are still run at Sundays evening and are usually well populated (last Sunday was 50-ish players when I joined in, enough for good WW1 fun).
I really like those even though they are crafted for more realism so distances are a bit long usually. Not the average hop in the fast battle scenario.

Still, I enjoy ROF every bit as IL2, each era has that something I really like but can’t describe what it is. Hope one day ROF also gets facelift and AI improvements IL2 recently received.