RoF 31/3

Who’s in ?



No network issues for me now, so wheel oot the Camel!!

Jojko is in!!

Sorry, no can do. Working tonight and the next 2 Mondays as well. :frowning:


Yep I’m in.


Remarks on flight and hostile aircraft

This mission was flown by Sqn Ldr Keets
Fg Off Puff
Fg Off Brigstock
Plt Off Jojko
Plt Off Splash

The mission was flown from Baizieux aerodrome.

Successes include the following:
Fokker D.VII shot down by Plt Off Jojko
Pfalz D.IIIa shot down by Sqn Ldr Keets
Pfalz D.IIIa shot down by Sqn Ldr Keets
Pfalz D.IIIa shot down by Sqn Ldr Keets
Pfalz D.IIIa shot down by Sqn Ldr Keets
Fokker Dr.I shot down by Fg Off Puff
Pfalz D.IIIa shot down by Fg Off Puff
Pilots lost were:
Fg Off Brigstock: Killed in Action

Well done Keets

Hey fellas,

I’d really like to join in on ROF with you once I finish with IL2 practice. I love IL2, but ROF has that something as well that makes it really interesting and fun.
Is that campaign you fly open for hot joins or is it too late for that one?


No room for hot joins, it’s not dynamic enough.
You have to sign up.

Thank you for clarification Brigstock, this answers what I wanted to know.

I have picked wrong term obviously. Did not mean to hot join ongoing game, but campaign (if those missions you fly are connected).

Well I can’t do that yet since Starfire is still giving me instructions, usually at the same time you fly ROF.
But once we finish with training, I’d be happy to sign up.


It is an ongoing campaign simulating No 46 Squadron from Summer 1917. We’ve been running it for over a year and are currently early May 1918. The campaign will run until Armistice.
The way it works is that you sign up and I’ll add you to the roster. Once you’re on the roster then you’ll get an aircraft generated in the mission to fly.

When I say you can’t hot join I mean you just can’t turn up last minute and fly.

I prefer people to join who will commit to the campaign in the same way people commit to a SEOW campaign because there is a fair amount of admin going on behind the scenes.

See the 92 site for the kill board